Designed with you in mind.

TVLA, pronounced TOO-LAH, knows the importance of quality. That's why our yoga product designs start with with you in mind.  Everytime.

Many other yoga mats can be slippery until you "break them in" or require the use of a towel on top of them for heated practices.

Our polyurethane rubber mat provides a non-slip surface that sticks to you more when you get sweaty. The open cell technology absorbs every droplet of sweat as you practice, so you can effortlessly transition from standing to seated postures one breath at a time without having to navigate any detox puddles.

Feel inspired. Everyday.

The TVLA journey started with a vision to HELP others enjoy the art and science of yoga.

Help people notice the distinct differences in their body due to daily routines / habits. Help people fall in love with the "simple moments" of syncing their breath with various modalities of movements. We want to make yoga a little less intimidating and feel more custom to your body's experience in every pose. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, we are here to help you build consistency through the design of quality yoga tools -- one conscious breath at a time. 

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