"SYMMETRY THAT GRIPS" based in colorado, usa

Best Beginner Yoga Mat

functional design:

Whether you are "beginner" to "advanced", we are here to help you build confidence, consistency, and connection in your fitness routine. 

1. Bottom side highlights a grooved texture to keep you rooted during more active workouts (think HIIT style sweat sessions).

2. Top side possesses "open cell technology" that will grip to you the more you sweat (Say goodbye to slipping and sweat puddles)!

3. Laser engraved lines assist with personal form to help you stay focused. Like a loyal friend, these lines are guaranteed to stick with you – they will never peel or fade with repeated use or cleaning.


We offer mat options that vary in limited edition artwork + thickness + dimensions. Our goal? Inspire you to move, meditate, strengthen, sweat, relax, or recover from your abundant daily routine + wellness goals.

Align[MAT] intentional product design will enhance your workout routine in three easy steps:

1. Let's get started! Does not require a “break-in” period. Honestly, who has time for that? Roll out, sweat, stretch, completely air dry, single roll with lines inside for storage, and repeat (do not fold or the mat rubber will crease).

2. No glues, latex, and BPA free? Heck yes. Nothing should come between you and your self-care goals. Avoid use in direct sunlight and do not store in your vehicle (extreme temperatures will degrade the natural rubber to crack).

3. Easy to clean (Simple as 1-2-3): [1] wipe down with a damp washcloth [2] let it air dry [3] no mat cleaners, essential oils, or white vinegar. Seriously, just water folks. *do not submerge in water*

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