Fresh Pressed Juice Healthy Right? Is it really worth the hype (and price)?

Juicing has been a “health fad” for much of my yoga career. It started with wheat grass shots after my hot yoga classes – you would watch the person behind the counter freshly cut it and grind it down into this frothy green goodness, complete with a tiny cup, and pinky-up. I’ve seen these juice trend transform into fresh pressed variations of rainbow colored glass bottles stocked at my favorite work spots in Boulder to the shelves at Whole Foods – charging as much as $9.00. So I need to ask, is the juice worth the squeeze?


Honestly, the idea that a glass of three fruit + vegetable juices will cure cancer, washyou’re your bodily “toxins”, or even prevent the common cold needs to be squashed. For good.


Juices can be a convenient way to get a daily dose of vitamins and minerals but are always second best to just eating the WHOLE fruit. Most people don’t realize that juices are sugary and acidic – which can damage your teeth enamel too (be sure to rinse your mouth with some water after you gulp down your next juice or use a straw to help by-pass your teeth).


Smoothies are actually the better option (*if drank immediately*). Why? They are made from the whole fruit, pulverized; therefore, they retain the gut-friendly fiber your digestive system needs and wants. Keep in mind, many vitamins and antioxidants begin to break down the moment they are sliced. When juices sit on the shelves for a few hours – they are already losing many of the key things you are looking to absorb. Take your big gulps, ASAP!


What a waste: Juice retains 90% of vitamins, only 20% of antioxidants, and a measly 10% of fiber (you’re literally paying to throw the best benefits out and that’s if you are drinking it right away. Those numbers go down the longer it sits on the shelf in the fridge waiting to be bought).


Truthfully, save your money on the juice selection and just buy the real deal in the produce section.

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