If we all did yoga... Would the world be a better place?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Why are people in cities so rude”?

Interestingly enough, a few studies have been conducted on this very statement and the facts show that if you need help in the city, the more people that are around you, the less likely it is that anyone will come to your aid.


Large crowds can instill “herd instincts”, a key piece of human nature – we genuinely assume that someone else will step-up to help. A phenomenon called “diffusion of responsibility”. Remarkably, if just ONE person makes a positive gesture to assist – it can influence others to do the same.

Studies show that sidewalks with planters, colorful artwork-filled walls, uneven surfaces (termed “active edges”), and areas with higher demographics of adults that workout daily (even just 10 minutes of yoga) will lead to people who “glance around more”, “feel less anxious”, and are "more willing to lend a hand". These little differences make a huge impact on promoting small business shop districts or turning a neighborhood from "surviving" into "thriving" areas.

Fun Fact: Just 5% of people in a crowd can control the movements of the rest on a city sidewalk or neighborhood intersection. Pay attention, are you the five percent or has your “herd instinct” taken over? Maybe today you take 10 minutes to roll out your mat and stretch. It could be just the shift you need to be a positive leader.
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